Friday, June 3, 2011

An Old Jag

Men my dad's age always have funny stories about Jags.  From what I have heard it's because in the 1960s foreign imports to the US were somewhat limited except for the Brit cars, which explains the high number of MGs, Triumphs, etc on the road from that era.  I remember my dad telling me he borrowed an XKE from a fellow associate at the law firm where he had is first job to go on a date and the car had serious HP.  Although my dad always drove a Dodge van for my entire life, he swore that if he ever got a sports car it would be a Jaguar.

The newer Jags seem to have no soul, although the older ones are fraught with electrical problems.  I remember a caller to the NPR program car talk saying that his XJS convertible was like a beautiful high maintenance mistress who constantly screwed him over and took his money. 


  1. There's an old saying with Triumph owners -- "Edison invented light, Lucas invented darkness".


  2. The car is the photo is the WORST car I have ever owned, ever.